Nigel Jones, Expert Witness

Mr. Jones believes that a successful expert relationship rests on three elements: a strong working relationship with client and counsel; extensive preparation and background work consistent with best engineering practices; and an ability to convey or demonstrate complex concepts in terms that can be understood by laypersons, but that provide a sound scientific basis for drawing legal conclusions.

Law Firms

Law firms that have used RMB consulting staff include:

Video: Forensic Analysis

A large part of our work involves forensic analysis of embedded systems. Nigel Jones talks about this in the video below:



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Expert Reports

We are usually retained to produce an expert report, the scope of which is spelled out in the retention agreement. Our reports are carefully put together, so as to present the evidence, analysis and conclusions in as a clear and as concise a manner as possible.


If the case proceeds through deposition and trial, then we are frequently called upon to help prepare counsel for the deposition and cross examination of opposing witnesses.